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The Rise And Fall Of Steven Seagal

His Aikido skills may have gotten him to the top of late '80s action cinema, but they can’t save Steven Seagal from DVD bombs, sexual assault lawsuits, and Vladimir Putin. ... Read More

TOP 100 Richest Actors in The World

In this comparison video we show you richest actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Anthony Hopkins etc. ... Read More

The Karate Kid (2010 vs 2023) Cast: Then and Now [13 Years After]

In this video you`ll see how the actors of the movie The Karate Kid have changed. You`ll know their real names and age... Read More

10 Female Martial Artists You Dont Want To Mess With

In today's video, we'll talk about some female martial art masters that you don't want to mess with.... Read More

The Karate Kid 1984 Cast THEN and NOW 2022, Actors Who Have Sadly Died

I'll show you what they look like back then in 1984 and now in 2022 how they changed compared to when they were in this movie. Alright, let's go!... Read More

Bruce Lee – If It Wasn’t Filmed You Wouldn’t Believe It! Remastered/Colorized 4K]

And in this video, you're about to see exactly why Bruce Lee is considered to be the fastest human that ever lived. ... Read More

WALKER, TEXAS RANGER (1993-2001) Cast Then and Now ★ 2022 [29 Years After]

In this video, You will see how have the cast of "Walker, Texas Ranger" tv series changed.... Read More

Michael Jai White: “Bruce Lee couldn’t fight Benny Urquidez, that would be terrible. Benny Urquidez is a badass fighter, like a real fighter!”

Vlad revisited the question about Bruce Lee vs. Michael Jai White in a fight, and Michael explained that Bruce Lee was “the greatest martial artist to ever live... Read More

30 American Martial Arts Actors 70-90’s Then and Now

30 of the most famous American actors’ martial artists have changed. Some of them haven't aged at all, while others have changed very much. ... Read More