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Top 20 Actors Who Almost Died On Set

What on-set-near-death story did you find the most shocking? Let us know in the comments. ... Read More

Aikido Guy Stepped Into The Cage… You Won’t Believe What Happened

After practicing Aikido for 15 years I decided to switch to MMA. You won't believe what happened... ... Read More

The King of Fighters ’98: Ip Man 4 Version

KOF '98 has been commonly praised by several video game publications as the best KOF from the series due to its graphics and gameplay. ... Read More

Best Donnie Yen Fight Scenes | Volume 4

Here's Volume 4 in our collection of martial arts action star Donnie Yen's best fight scenes of all time.... Read More

10 Most Deadliest Martial Art In The World

The martial arts are a systematic tradition of combat practices used for a variety of reasons, such as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development, entertainment, and... Read More

Scott Adkins’ Steroid Cycle – What I Think He Took For Undisputed

Today we're gonna be talking about Scott Adkins' body transformation for "Undisputed" and what I think he probably took to prepare for that role.... Read More

I Trained with a Shaolin Warrior Monk for a Week

I decided to spend a week with real-life 34th generation Shaolin monk learning the ways of the Shaolin warrior. ... Read More

I Ate Like Sylvester Stallone For A Day

I tried Sylvester Stallone diet plan. I try to eat like Sylvester Stallone for a day to see what happens.... Read More