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Steven Seagal Vs. Jean-Claude Van Damme

JCVD and Seagal were once two of Hollywood's most iconic action stars, appearing in a string of high octane action flicks throughout the 1980s and 90s.... Read More

What STEVEN SEAGAL says about VAN DAMME and other action stars

Here are the Steven Seagal's video interviews where he speaks about Jean-Claude Van Damme and other action stars (martial artists).... Read More

The Fictitious Life of Frank Dux

Frank Dux might be a legendary and undefeated martial artist, decorated war veteran, and CIA operative, but he probably isn't. ... Read More

How an American “Ninja” Tricked Hollywood

According to martial artist, fight choreographer and author Frank Dux, a ninjutsu expert named Senzo Tanaka trained him as a ninja when he was a teenager.... Read More

Jean-Claude Van Damme Trained Daughter and Son in Martial Arts

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian actor and retired martial artist best known for his martial arts action films includiing Bloodsport and Street Fighter.... Read More

Hollywood Tough Guy Clashes Explained

Here's a look at some hollywood tough-guy matchups. Two of the biggest action movie heroes of the day, Steven Seagal vs. Jean Claude Van Damme.... Read More

The Untold Truth Of Jean Claude Van Damme

During the '80s and '90s, it seemed like no action film was complete without Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking butt and doing splits on camera. ... Read More

‘Bloodsport’ Is Based On A Real Man

Bloodsport, the film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, was based on a real man, Frank Dux. The catch is, nothing about the story was actually real.... Read More