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A Serious Talk About Bruce Lee’s Wing Chun Skills

The Bruce Lee fanboy stuff is getting out of hand here, and I think it's time we have a serious conversation about Bruce Lee's Wing Chun skills.... Read More

Quentin Tarantino’s BIZARRE HATRED for BRUCE LEE

Quentin Tarantino dunked all over Bruce Lee's legacy in his movie and when Bruce Lee fans let him know how they felt about it. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Drug Letters | Did Bruce Have a Drug Problem?

Drug letters were discovered at an auction sale where various memorabilia from Bob Baker and Bruce Lee's collection went on sale.... Read More

The Problem with Steven Seagal

I want to talk about the problem with Steven Seagal because Steven Seagal is a bit of an enigma in the world of martial arts. ... Read More

5 Reasons Bruce Lee HATES Tai Chi

Bruce Lee wasn't a big fan of Tai Chi, and I'm going to tell you 5 Reasons why Bruce Lee actually hated Tai Chi at one point. ... Read More

Wing Chun vs JKD – The Problem with Challenging Teachers

One of the biggest problems with Traditional Martial Arts that I have wanted to address is the problem with challenging other martial arts Teachers. ... Read More

Why did Bruce Lee join a gang?

This video we're talking about Bruce Lee and if he was in a gang growing up in Hong Kong before he came to America.... Read More