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Evidence That Bruce Lee Was Superhuman!

Bruce Lee has become a world-renowned superstar who was a master of martial arts, a brilliant film star, and a role model for many generations. ... Read More

Bruce Lee is Way Too FAST for Karate World Champion!

As a World Karate Champion, Vic Moore didn’t think that Bruce Lee was fast enough, he then go on stage to challenge Bruce Lee.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris | Real Fight

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris engaged in a legendary showdown in Golden Harvest's Way of the Dragon, but wouldn't you like to know what would have happened!... Read More

First Look Inside Bruce Lee’s Former Dojo | Plus his Memorial Statue and a Visit to his Former Home

In this video I finally visit the former dojo of the great Bruce Lee, as well as his statue in Chinatown, and his former home in Culver City. ... Read More

BURT WARD Fought BRUCE LEE in Real Life!

Here are all the details about when Burt Ward from the TV show, "Batman" battled the legendary Bruce Lee not only on set but in real life as well!... Read More

Enter the Dragon (1973) ★ Then and Now [How They Changed]

In this video we are going to tell you about 'Enter the Dragon' 1973 Film Cast Then and Now in 2021. So let's get started guys. ... Read More

A Karate Master Challenged Bruce Lee…And Then THIS Happened

I came across this video from the Beerdy Bruce Lee Central channel called "Bruce Lee Traveled to Karate Dojos in the US Beating Everyone Up.... Read More

Fist of Fury Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee’s Side Kick… WRONG Decision!

He played the Japanese guy who was beaten up by Bruce Lee at the Dojo fight scene and forced to eat the "Sick Man of Asia" paper which Bruce Lee... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali | Who’s The Greatest

If there was ever a fight between Bruce Vs Muhammad Ali, who side would you have chosen to be?... Read More