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李小龙 Bruce Lee (1956) & Hawkins Cheung In Hong Kong ブルース・リー

Hawkins Cheung and Bruce Lee were students of Yip Man and classmates at Francis Xavier School in HK.... Read More

Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson

Both Lee and Tyson studied Jack Dempsey and his devastating offensive power, however they also both understood the defensive liabilities that Dempsey had.... Read More

Rare ENTER THE DRAGON Outtakes | BRUCE LEE behind the scenes footage, clips and interviews!

Enter the Dragon outtakes and rare Bruce Lee behind the scenes movie footage, clips, interviews and photos of Bruce Lee on the set of Enter the Dragon! ... Read More


It was in 1968 when Chuck Norris competed for the World Title that Bruce Lee who at the time was known for the TV series The Green Hornet first noticed... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Tony Jaa | Jeet Kune Do vs Muay Thai

Today, we will finally decide who would win in a street fight - Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa. Place your bets and make sure to watch 'till the end to... Read More

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ed Parker

Ed Parker: Perhaps one of only a handful of martial arts figures, who were the greatest influencers in history, was Edmund Parker.... Read More

Bruce Lee – Transformation From 1 To 32 Years Old

Paying homage to the great martial artist, we are going to take you inside the massive transformation of the one and only Bruce Lee.... Read More

Top 10 Coolest Things About Bruce Lee | Remembering Bruce Lee

In today's video we will explore the Top 10 coolest things about Bruce Lee.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Jet Li Real Fight | Wing Chun vs. Tai Chi

Bruce Lee and Jet Li are undoubtedly among the top performers of all time.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Arnold Schwarzenegger | Jeet Kune Do vs Kickboxing

Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the most recognisable action stars to have ever graced the screens.... Read More