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The King Of Lethwei’s JeetKuneDo KungFu ● BRUCE LEE LIVES

Dave Leduc is the King of Lethwei and knows Sanshou Kung Fu similarily to Cung Le, he also has Bruce Lee's martial art under his belt: JKD. ... Read More

The Real Reason ‘Kung Fu’ was Cancelled

This video will show you 10 little known facts about the series that became a cultural phenomenon by David Carradine the star of Kung Fu.... Read More

1965 – Bruce Lee Screen Test For The Series Green Hornet ( REMASTERED )

The video here is the legendary BRUCE LEE featuring in a remarkable 1965 screen test for 'The Green Hornet' TV series. ... Read More

Enter The Dragon Stuntman Rue The Day He Challenged Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Enter The Dragon actor Bolo Yeung talks about the fight between an Extra and Bruce Lee while shooting the film in Hong Kong in 1973. ... Read More

Mike Tyson: No Way Bruce Lee Could Beat Me Even In A Street Fight!

Mike Tyson said it in a recent interview that no way Bruce Lee could beat him even in a street fight. What do you think then? ... Read More

Bruce Lee Nunchaku Ping Pong

Actor and martial arts master Bruce Lee expertly playing ping-pong using nunchuks rather than a paddle.... Read More

The Untold Truth Of Ip Man’s Relationship with Bruce Lee

The relationship between Bruce Lee and Ip Man is very delicate, some say they had conflicts and some say they were really close. What is the true story?... Read More

Sammo Hung: Bruce Lee Challenged All Martial Arts Schools in Barcelona

Sammo Hung said in an interview that Bruce Lee challenged all the martial arts schools in Barcelona and defeated everyone.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Big Fight With Karate Grandmaster Joe Lewis – What Really Happened?

Bruce Lee's Big Fight With Karate Grandmaster Joe Lewis - What Really Happened? ... Read More

Bruce Lee Dragon Flag Training and Workout (New Rare Footage)

The Dragon Flag is named after Bruce Lee because his Chinese name is "Li Xiao Long" where "Long" means Dragon. ... Read More