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Bruce Lee Real Fight With Stuntman Lasts 2 Seconds

During the filming of Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee was frequently being challenged by some of the extras on the set while they were filming the courtyard scenes on Han's... Read More

Shannon Lee on Bruce Lee’s Childhood & Why IP Man kicked him out of his school

Another rare interview testimonial from Shannon Lee talking about her dad's childhood, upbringing, early martial arts practice.... Read More

1973 李小龍 Bruce Lee – Funeral [ 4K HD ]

At Bruce Lee's memorial service, tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong flocked to the funeral just to see him for the last time.... Read More

Enter The Dragon (1973) Full Movie Then and Now Celebrity Changed | Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly, Review

It's been 48 years since the release of the movie Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee and others, so let's what they look like today. ... Read More

Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee CAUGHT On FILM!

Bruce Lee fans are fascinated with stories about Bruce Lee's real fights and challenges.... Read More

The Softer Side of Bruce Lee

Today we will be hovering through the soft and fragile side of Bruce Lee to know about his affectionate and caring side. What comes into your mind?... Read More

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee!

In this video we tell you ten things you probably didn't know about Bruce Lee. Here we go! ... Read More

Bruce Lee ~ Unbelievable Superhuman Strength and Speed

Lightning fast reactions, short crushing blows and even more, Lee knew how to surprise which is why he can rightfully be called a superman.... Read More

The Way of the Dragon Extra: I Saw Bruce Lee Did A 16-Feet High Flying Kick!

How high can Bruce Lee kicks? Let the extra in 1972 The Way of The Dragon tells you. He said he saw Bruce Lee jump 16 feet and did a... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Real Fights and Challenges In Enter The Dragon

Bruce Lee's Real Fights and Challenges are probably the most talked about thing by Bruce Lee fans after Bruce Lee's cause of death theories. ... Read More