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Why Bruce Lee Was A Philosophical Genius | Jeet Kune Do | Be Like Water

Bruce Lee (the founder of Jeet Kune Do) was an Asian-Amercian film star, that is known to be as the most influential martial artist of all time! ... Read More

Was Bruce Lee Actually Murdered?

Was Bruce Lee actually assassinated or even poisoned??? We take a deeper look at all the possible and impossible theories out there. ... Read More

Michael Jai White: People Still Hate on Me for Saying I Could’ve Beat Bruce Lee

Michael Jai White spoke further about the unlikeliness of a race war ever breaking out in the United States. Michael said the militarized police force will stamp out any... Read More

The Secret Of Bruce Lee’s 1 Inch Punch

Any martial arts lover remembers the famous Bruce Lee one-inch punch. Is it some kind of special training? Maybe it has something to do with body physiology? ... Read More

The SECRET To Building SUPER HUMAN Strength Like Bruce Lee

Find out how to workout like Bruce Lee and become superhuman ... Read More

The Truth About Bruce Lee’s Final 12 Months Of Life

Bruce Lee was an enigma, and when he suddenly passed away in 1973, he left behind plenty of unanswered questions. Here's a look into what the last 12 months of... Read More

Bruce Lee Stayed At Her Hotel While Filming The Big Boss in 1971. This Is What She Recalls

On 18 July 1971, Bruce Lee was driven from Bangkok to Pak Chong to film The Big Boss. Bruce and the crew checked in the New Wan Chai hotel. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Only Remaining World Record Footage (55 Year Old Record STILL STANDING)

I have restored and gathered all the two finger push up footage of Bruce Lee in existance and for the first time I'm sharing it with you guys!... Read More

Bruce Lee The Big Boss Ice Factory Fight Scene Filming Locations

This place was the first filming location used for Bruce Lee’s 1971 The Big Boss (originally titled Fist of Fury in America) movie. ... Read More