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Jet Li vs Jason Statham | Tai Chi vs Kickboxing

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Prisoner Gets News That His Brother Has Been Killed, To Take Revenge He Escapes From The Prison !!

While investigating his brother's murder, an ex-cop gets roped into a turf war between two factions involving the daughter of his family's rival. ... Read More

Why The Hell Did Jet Li Stop Acting?

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Treated Like A Dog Since Kid, He Finally Gets His Collar Removed & Punishes His Master

Today, I am going to explain an action thriller film called “Unleashed”. Spoilers ahead! Watch out and take care! ... Read More

Arrogant Boxer Doesn’t Know That This Tiny Man Is A Kungfu Prodigy

After a terrible tragedy, a martial artist retreats to a remote village to gain a new appreciation for the important things in life.... Read More

Jet Li’s Lifestyle 2022 (Wife, Net Worth, Children, Age, Career)

Jet Li is a Chinese-born Singaporean actor, martial artist, film producer and retired Wushu champion.... Read More

Jet Li Workout And Diet | Train Like a Celebrity | Celeb Workout

In today's episode, you're going to see the workout for one of the most famous Asian actors in Hollywood, Jet Li.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Jet Li | Jeet Kune Do vs Wushu | Who Is The Ultimate Martial Artist

Bruce Lee and Jet Li are two of the most legendary silver screen warriors in history.... Read More

Bullies Didn’t Know that His Father Is KungFu Master

This Is a Story Recap for A Drama Movie Called My Father is a Hero ... Read More