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When Giants Get Destroyed in MMA: Unbelievable Small vs Big Fighters

In this video, we'll see several giants get destroyed in MMA proving that small fighters can indeed dominate over the big ones.... Read More

Michael Jai White VS Bruce Lee | Taekwondo vs Jeet Kune Do

Today we will be putting the two legends of their time inside the arena and see who would win.... Read More

THIS Shaolin Monk Is So Strong, No One Can Beat Him

Liu Xingjun, often known as Yi long or one dragon, is a Chinese kung-fu fighter who hails from Dezhou in the province of Shandong, China.... Read More

The Softer Side of Bruce Lee

Today we will be hovering through the soft and fragile side of Bruce Lee to know about his affectionate and caring side. What comes into your mind?... Read More

The Most Unusual Knockouts

When you watch any combat sport, the highlight of the game is when one fighter knocks out his opponent.... Read More

Donnie Yen sends 8 Men to Hospital for Harassing his Girlfriend

So how did Yen become so successful? What’s his life story and personal life? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this video. Let’s start!... Read More

MMA Glitched Moments

Glitches’ what are they? In plain English, the misfunctioning of the body at a specific task. But what are they in MMA?... Read More

When Cocky Fighters Get Owned Again

Whether he is my desired fighter or not but if he starts acting like a smug, then I would like to get his butt kicked.... Read More

The Most Unusual Knockouts

Name the best thing to see about combat sports. This is of course the knockouts. ... Read More

Wing Chun In Street Fighting

Is Wing Chun really useful, in a street fight where the other person losses their mind? You'd be surprised to find out!... Read More