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Things About Them:

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a 1998 American action comedy film that was directed by Brett Ratner and was written by Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna. The film follows the story of two mismatched police officers who were assigned to rescue the daughter of a Chinese diplomat. The film starred Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as its main cast members. The film had a huge success and led to two more sequel films: Rush Hour 2 in 2002 and Rush Hour 3 in 2007. It is no doubt that the film Rush Hour was one of the best films of its time and up to date still remains of the greatest films of the 1990s. The film Rush Hour had many cast members and in this video we’ll feature some of the cast members who died in real life. On our channel, we feature such videos. Remember to like, comment and subscribe to our channel for such.

Things About Them:

Elizabeth Peña

Elizabeth Peña was one of the main cast members in the 1998 film Rush Hour. Peña had a supporting role as Detective Tania Johnson in the LAPD and an aspiring bomb squad technician. Peña began a career back in 1979 after landing a role in the film El Super. Peña made her name for herself as an actress, writer and musician. As an actress, Elizabeth Peña has starred in films such as Nothing like Holidays, Out in Beverly Hills, Jacob’s Ladder, The Incredibles, Batteries Not Included, and many others. Due to her amazing skills, she won the 1996 Independent Spirit Award and the Bravo Award. The award-winning actress, Elizabeth Peña, passed away in 2014 and her cause of death was listed as liver cirrhosis. She was 55 years of age at the time.

Things About Them:

Chris Penn

Chris Penn is another cast member from the film Rush Hour that has passed away. Penn, who played the role of Clive Cod, died in 2006 at the young age of 40 years due to a heart disease. Before his demise, Chris Penn made a name for himself as an actor whose career began at the age of 12 years. His big film debut was in 1979 when he landed a role in the film Charlie and the Talking Buzzard. Chris Penn has also starred in films such as The Wild Life, Reservoir Dogs, The Funeral, Boys Club, At Close Range, All the Right Moves, among others.

Things About Them:

Max von Sydow

Max von Sydow is another cast member that has passed away. Sydow played the role Raymond and managed to make the film more interesting with his unique acting skills. Sydow had a long lengthy acting career that lasted 70 years in both the European and American cinemas. He appeared in more than 150 films and several television series in multiple languages. As an actor, he is best remembered for Game of Thrones, Star Wars, The Greatest Story Ever Told, The Conqueror, and many others. Max von Sydow passed away at the age of 90 years back in 2020.

Things About Them:

Jason Davis

Jason Davis had a minor role as the kid at the theater in the 1998 film Rush Hour. Davis, who began his career in the early 1984, had quite a success having appeared in over 10 well-known films and television shows including Roseanne, The crude Oasis, 7th Heaven, Fallen Angel, He Don’t Got Game, The Bathroom Diaries, and several others. Jason Davis passed away at a young age of 35 years and his cause of death was due to effects of fentanyl back in 2020 and was later ruled as an accident.

Things About Them:

Frances Fong

Frances Fong is another cast member from the film that has passed away. Fong appeared in the film as the socialite. Fong passed away in 2012 at the age of 85 years. Before her demise, Fong had a successful career and she is best remembered for her role in films such as Kung Fu, Hellfighters, Mash, Martial Arts, Twill, Stone, Heart To Heart, Chip, All in the Family, and many others.

Things About Them:

Tommy Bush

Tommy Bush, who played the role of the bomb practice sergeant, is also another cast member from the 1998 film Rush Hour that has passed away. Bush, who was born in 1928, had a successful acting career having appeared in some of the most successful films including Mars Attacks, Con Air, Doctor Dolittle 2, Tracy Takes, A Family Thing, Cobb, Quantum Leap, Mama’s Family, and many more. Tommy Bush passed away in 2003 at the age of 74 years.

Things About Them:

Deirdre O’Brien

Deirdre O’Brien is another cast member from the film that has passed away. O’Brien was one of the uncredited cast members of the films. O’Brien passed away in 2007. She was 41 years of age at the time. Before her demise, O’Brien had a successful acting career and she is best known for her roles in the film’s Date or Disaster, Screen 2, Angel, Almost Famous, The Pretender, The Limey Jawbreaker, and many others.

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