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Hey everybody, it’s Beerdy here. What’s going on, guys? Okay, so Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, two of my favorite people of all time, living legends martial arts icons. I mean, I’ve seen every Jackie Chan movie out there, okay. I’m such a huge fan of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Remember that show Sammo Law back in the 90s? Man, that was that was a cool show, man. So yeah, I mean, I’m a huge fan of these guys. And these two guys are the two last remaining people alive from the Bruce Lee era.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

Both of these guys were in Bruce Lee movies and had direct acting with Bruce Lee. You guys know the famous scene in Enter a Dragon with Jackie Chan and the other scene, the fight scene, with Sammo Hung and Bruce Lee. So yeah, these guys are two living martial arts legends. The last of their kind. And they know firsthand how fast Bruce Lee really was.

You know, a lot of people talk about how fast Bruce Lee was but these guys really know how fast Bruce Lee was because they experienced it themselves. So let’s take a look at what they said. Let’s take a look.

Sammo Hung (Actor, Martial Artist, Film Producer & Director):

I remember the first time I met Bruce Lee. That time, he’s not shooting in Hong Kong, he just came to visit Hong Kong, you know. He came to my set, I was an action choreographer at that time and then somebody introduced him for me, this Bruce Lee, this is Sammo Hung, blah blah blah. I said, oh, hello. And then I said, are you really fast? Then he asked me, what do you mean? I say, what do you mean? I said you want to try see? He said, not bad, okay. Then we tried. Then we hold in there. We’re standing there. Then I tried to kick him. I tried to start to kick him, my head just go to the halfway and his fist was already on my face. Like that, I’m just like that. Then, he said, what do you say? I said, you’re really fast. It’s very fast, you know.

Jackie Chan (Actor, Filmmaker, Martial Artist & Stuntman):

I was just working on Jīng Wǔ Mén (Fist of Fury) and they were not enough stuntmen. And also in that time, I was kind of like the best stunt man in Hong Kong. They need a stunt guy to double the Japanese go through the window. Then they called up Jackie can do that and because I tend to hide, my body, I look like a Japanese guy. So, I said, okay, I’ll do it. After I did the stunt then Bruce Lee come. They were quite difficult the stunts.

Jackie Chan (Actor, Filmmaker, Martial Artist & Stuntman):

Then Bruce Lee came to hug me, what’s your name? I said, my name is Jackie. Oh, you’re good, you’re great. When Bruce Lee came, you don’t shake your eyes because when you shake your eyes you cannot see Bruce Lee came. You know how fast? No because the roman, the mix Bruce Lee, a lot of pressure, no human being, just human being cannot like a cartoon. No. How fast? That’s the fastest you can be. Even Muhammad Ali, you know, right now Tyson, the punching… fast. But you still can see.

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