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Did Steven Seagal REALLY Say HE FOUGHT Bruce Lee?

We're going to be taking a look at this story about Steven Seagal's alleged relationship with Bruce Lee.... Read More

Chasing Hands is BAD Wing Chun

If you're chasing hands, you're just kind of playing around, somebody might shoot in on you, the object is to go in for the kill.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s technique that BEAT Conor McGregor

People were saying Conor was like the embodiment of Bruce Lee's teachings and Jeet Kune Do inside the Octagon. ... Read More

Michael Jai White wants to fight Mike Tyson FOR FREE?

Michael Jai White is now embroiled in another controversy if you believe every rumor that you hear over the Internet challenging Mike Tyson to boxing.... Read More

Why Ip Man stopped teaching Bruce Lee

The movies always show a Bruce Lee coming to Ip Man as a kid to learn Wing Chun, but they never show how Ip Man stopped teaching Wing Chun to... Read More