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In the movie, he lost to Donnie Yen, but is a Wing Chun master.

A veteran US Marine, Chris Collins had a martial arts background that would lead him to Hong Kong, where he would later earn the title of Wing Chun Sifu. ... Read More

She played the sister of Bruce Lee and owned hapkido (Angela Mao)

Angela Mao was born to a local famous Peking Opera actor on September 20, 1950 in Taiwan. ... Read More

He fought better than Ip Man, martial artist Max Zhang

Max Zhang, also known as Jin Zhang, was born on May 19, 1974 in China. He is a Hong Kong actor and stuntman as well as a martial artist.... Read More

He was a friend of Bruce Lee and fought his son, martial artist Bolo Yeng in the film.

Bolo Yeng was born on July 3, 1946 and like many compatriots from a young age, he practiced kung fu under the guidance of local teachers. ... Read More

In films, he beat up Sylvester Stallone and Van Damme, martial artist and actor Dolph Lundgren

Hello friends. Dolph Lundgren is a famous Swedish actor and sportsman, as well as a martial artist and director. ... Read More

He fights like Bruce Lee (Movie fighter Andrew Koji)

He fights in the style of Bruce Lee, the movie fighter Andrew Koji from Snake Eyes, Peaky Blinders, Fast & Furious 6, and Warrior.... Read More

She gave up dancing and learned to do the scorpion kick, by movie fighter Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh rose to fame in 1990s Hong Kong action films and the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.... Read More