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Battle of the Bruce Lees: Ranking the Top Impersonators!

Uncovering the remarkable stories behind the top Bruce Lee performers who brought the martial arts legend to vibrant life on the big screen.... Read More

Ip Man: The Untold Story They Didn’t Want You to Know – Prepare to Be Amazed!

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Bruce Lee vs Steven Seagal – The Lie that Never Happened

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The Rise And Fall Of Steven Seagal

His Aikido skills may have gotten him to the top of late '80s action cinema, but they can’t save Steven Seagal from DVD bombs, sexual assault lawsuits, and Vladimir Putin. ... Read More

The Untold Story Of Jet Li’s Younger Daughters

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Bruce Lee’s Rich Life ★ 2022

He is credited with promoting Hong Kong action cinema, and helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films.... Read More

HOLLYWOOD ACTION STARS | Then and Now | Real Age and Name

HOLLYWOOD ACTION STARS | Then and Now | Real Age and Name ... Read More

What Chuck Norris Just Said Makes Hollywood Angry!

Chuck Norris, the legend himself, has just spoken in a way that is going to leave many Hollywood elitists kicking, screaming, and foaming at the mouth.... Read More

Don’t Mess With This Shaolin Monk

In this video we are going to take a closer look at Yi Long, and see what it is that makes him such a great fighter.... Read More