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Joe Lewis: “I Was Fighting Against Bruce Lee AND WINNING…….. Then Suddenly This Happened”

Joe Lewis was having a fight with Bruce Lee, he even managed to punch Bruce Lee a couple of times, but then fun time was over as Bruce Lee entered... Read More

Bruce Lee DESTROYS Karate Grandmaster With One Punch!

Bruce Lee doesn't need more than one punch to take out this Kempo karate grandmaster. This is what happens when you physically confront Bruce. ... Read More

Bruce Lee VS Bolo Yeung REAL FIGHT

Bruce Lee and Bolo Yeung had a REAL FIGHT. It didn't last long, but Bruce made his point and Bolo got his answer. ... Read More

Karate Grandmaster Thinks He’s Faster Than Bruce Lee……… Then This Happened

10th degree karate world champion Vic Moore thinks he's faster than Bruce Lee..... ... Read More

How Fast And Strong Was Bruce Lee Really? (The Truth Is Scary)

Listen as Bruce Lee's friends, family and martial artists explain how fast and strong he REALLY was. ... Read More

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Didn’t Think Bruce Lee Could ACTUALLY Do This……(NEW INSANE FOOTAGE)

This new and amazing footage shows Bruce Lee performing a REAL 2 meter flying kick with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Traveled To Karate Dojo’s In The US Beating Everyone Up (yes, this actually happened)

Jim Kelly and several other karate icons confirmed that Bruce Lee would travel around to Karate Dojo's in the US beating up karate students and teachers. ... Read More

Brave Stuntman Decides To Pick A Fight With Bruce Lee……… BIG MISTAKE

Chiang Wu, a stuntman on Enter The Dragon decides to tempt his fate in a REAL fight against Bruce Lee. ... Read More


It was in 1968 when Chuck Norris competed for the World Title that Bruce Lee who at the time was known for the TV series The Green Hornet first noticed... Read More

Brad Pitt VS Bruce Lee – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The depiction of Bruce Lee in once upon a time in Hollywood. In that movie the main character Cliff meets up with Bruce Lee on the set of Kato and... Read More