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Bruce Lee – If It Wasn’t Filmed You Wouldn’t Believe It! Remastered/Colorized 4K]

And in this video, you're about to see exactly why Bruce Lee is considered to be the fastest human that ever lived. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Demonstrates His Speed And Power To The World For The First Time – REMASTERED/Color 4K

Bruce Lee introduces himself to the world with a mind-blowing demonstration! ... Read More

Bolo Yeung Finally Reveals The Truth About Bruce Lee After 50 Years Of Silence

Bolo Yeung Finally Reveals The Truth About Bruce Lee After 50 Years Of Silence ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Lost Interview: “If You Want To Beat Me, Baby You Have To Kill Me”

This interview was thought to be lost forever, until I found it a few years ago in my archives. Restoring it took a long time but now It's now been... Read More

Chuck Norris Reveals The Biggest Secret From His Fight With Bruce Lee

Martial arts legend Chuck Norris reveals the biggest secret from his fight with Bruce Lee. ... Read More

Cocky Karate Grandmaster Thinks He Can Beat Bruce Lee……. Then This Happened

Bruce Lee would get invited to Karate tournaments all around the country. He would be a special guest and he would often give out the trophy to the winner of... Read More

Jackie Chan And Sammo Hung Know How Fast Bruce Lee REALLY Was – 100% Brutally Honest Interview

Martial arts legends Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung know EXACTLY how fast Bruce Lee really was, they felt his speed first hand and talk about it.... Read More

Bruce Lee VS Pro Boxer – REAL FIGHT (Boxer Ends Up In The Hospital)

So it turns out that Bruce Lee had a real fight against a pro boxer who was a state champion! ... Read More

New Never Before Seen Footage Of Bruce Lee – Deleted Scenes/Behind The Scenes Of The Green Hornet

NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE from The Green Hornet with Bruce Lee as Kato - Deleted scenes/behind the scenes footage.... Read More