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Why Is Ryan Garcia’s Hand Open?

Why are Ryan Garcia's fingers extended? It may be something you haven't noticed because of the boxing gloves, but here's why. ... Read More

The King Of Lethwei’s JeetKuneDo KungFu ● BRUCE LEE LIVES

Dave Leduc is the King of Lethwei and knows Sanshou Kung Fu similarily to Cung Le, he also has Bruce Lee's martial art under his belt: JKD. ... Read More

When Wing Chun Isn’t Enough, He uses His MMA Instead

How Could Muay Thai as a style lose to Wing Chun? Even Bruce Lee felt Wing Chun was incomplete; yet here, the Wing Chun fighter had his hand raised.... Read More

Jack Johnson Was Untouchable – This Is Why

Jack Johnson was not only the most famous, but also the most notorious African American of his era. We take a closer glance at the Heavyweight Champion.... Read More

Powerful Shaolin Monk | Ultimate Proof Traditional Styles Work, Bruce Lee Philosophy

Bruce Lee believed there was something to be learned from every Martial Art, finding what best suits who you are as an individual, and throwing away the rest.... Read More

Bodybuilder VS Skinny Arms – Which One Hits Better?

Does large muscle mass mean more powerful thus more dangerous? We take a closer glance, you'll know exactly why! ... Read More

No One Sees This Sneaky Punch And Result Is Ko

With all the sports around the world getting cancelled, perhaps this is a good time to get cultured with a wider spectrum of mixed martial arts.... Read More

No One Talks About Bruce Lee’s Forbidden Stance

Few actually knew Bruce was right handed, but stood as a south paw. I explain the philosophy, and exemplify two solid athletes who use this stance. ... Read More

Saenchai Gets Too Friendly To MuayThai Girl. Friends Get Mad.

Saenchai is not only one of the most entertaining Muay Thai fighters to ever watch, but he's also one of the most skilled of all time. ... Read More