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WingChun Man (172Lbs) Tests Little MMA Fighter (146Lbs)

A Disciple of Ip Man decided to try his hand VS a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. Wing Chun Master Ding Hao puts himself up to the test. ... Read More

Could DK Yoo And Bruce Lee Hang With MMA Monsters Of Today?

Many have sought Bruce Lee's technique's and wisdom, but one man has been teaching his very principles out in the open: DK Yoo.... Read More

A Monster in MMA | Knockouts by Butterbean

Eric 'Butterbean' Esch definitely knows how to use his weight in the ring. In this episode I will show you some battles he fought.... Read More

Anderson Silva uses Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do in UFC Fight

Dan Inosanto trained Silva in JKD, which he says is '50% Wing Chun'. See Silva putting his JKD training into use when he fights Michael Bisping in London.... Read More

How MMA Fighters Lose 30 Pounds in 5 Days | How to Cut Weight FAST

MMA Fighters will do pretty much anything to gain a competitive advantage and they put their bodies through some brutal methods to do so. ... Read More

10 Shocking Pictures The UFC Doesn’t Want You To See

Whatever these fighters do in their personal lives can be just as important as their skill in the cage. Here are 10 photos the UFC doesn't want you to... Read More

Scott Adkins in MMA Cage Fight with a Monster

Scott Adkins got into a fight at the Wawan Expo 2017 Fitness Show. BOYKE vs. The Big Man !!!! This must be seen!... Read More

Wing Chun in UFC / MMA!

Wing Chun training & application in MMA. Cage fights, training footage, wooden dummy, sparring, Ip Man. ... Read More


The best fights are those involving the titans: huge fighters who at first sight could defeat any opponent. Here we have the 10 biggest MMA fighters!... Read More