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Homemade Wing Chun – Mook Jong Dummy

Here is a brief video of how I made a Mook Jong dummy for free with a bunch of scrap I had laying around the homestead. Enjoy! ... Read More

Yi Long on Wing Chun

Yi Long, who is best known for his Shaolin style kungfu in the ring, was actually the 2008 Foshan Wing Chun champion. ... Read More

How To Develop Bruce Lee’s Hand Speed & Power

How to develop Bruce Lee's hand speed, using Bruce Lee's methods from his Wing Chun Kung Fu training and from western fencing concepts.... Read More

Wing Chun for Beginners – How to Get Good at Wing Chun (AKA Don’t Do These Things!)

In this Wing Chun for beginners video, I detail some of the most common errors that Wing Chun beginners do.... Read More

How to Defend Yourself on the Ground

One of the most precarious street-fight scenarios is when you end up on the ground while your opponent is towering over you, ready to kick you to the head. ... Read More

Grandmaster William Cheung ‘Bil Jee’ Thrusting Fingers

Bil Jee is composed of emergency techniques to counter-attack when structure and centerline have been seriously compromised.... Read More

3 MOST DANGEROUS Pressure Points for Self Defense

Pressure point attacks that you can use against larger attackers. It's an advance technique widely used in kung fu pressure points to paralyze opponents.... Read More

My Father Ip Man by Grandmaster Ip Ching

About the life of Martial arts legend Ip Man by his son Wing Chun Kung Fu Grandmaster Ip Ching.... Read More

FAREWELL TO A LEGEND: Remembering the life of GM Ip Ching

Ip Ching was a Chinese martial artist. He was one of the last living Grandmasters of the Ip Man family in Wing Chun Kung Fu until his death.... Read More