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Chasing Hands is BAD Wing Chun

If you're chasing hands, you're just kind of playing around, somebody might shoot in on you, the object is to go in for the kill.... Read More

A Theory On The REAL Origins of Wing Chun – Kung Fu Report – Adam Chan

Ever wonder where Wing Chun REALLY comes from. We have a theory. Let's Discuss! ... Read More

Kickboxer REACTS to Kung Fu / Wing Chun | Honest Reaction

How realistic, how effective is traditional Chinese martial arts in both street fights MMA and in general as a fighting system?... Read More

2021 Spring Festival Gala: Wushu – A revered part of Chinese culture

Led by renowned wushu artists Donnie Yen and Wu Jing, "Wushu Performance: Heroes of Heaven And Earth" wowed this year's gala audience by placing a natural landscape as the background... Read More

Wing Chun vs Krav Maga | Unbelievable Fight

Wing Chun and Krav Maga are both highly effective fighting styles with very different origins, however like with a lot of martial arts there’s some crossover here and Krav Maga... Read More

Bruce Lee vs UFC fighters | Wing Chun vs MMA

How would Bruce Lee do in a no-holds barred fight against the best UFC fighters? ... Read More

Wing Chun vs Karate | Don’t Mess With Wing Chun & Karate Masters

It's Wing Chun vs. Karate for the ultimate showdown in martial arts history . Find out now which martial art is the most effective in a fight!... Read More

How to End Fight in Seconds ✅ Wing Chun Basic and Simple

Have you ever felt like you’ve been a victim of bullying? You may even know someone who has been targeted but doesn’t have the confidence to do anything about it. ... Read More

Guy Avoids Fight, But CONTROLS BAD GUY… Here’s HOW HE DID IT

How to Safely defend yourself without getting punched in the face. This week we look at how to safely close the distance in self defence.... Read More