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Jean-Claude Van Damme vs Steven Seagal – LIFESTYLE BATTLE

Two of the most memorable actors in action movies, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal are two men who have amassed immense fortunes in their careers.... Read More

Michael Jay White: JCVD would easily defeat Steven Seagal, he has never fought anybody!

Hollywood action star Michael Jai White weighed in on the famous beef between fellow martial artists Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme.... Read More

Steven Seagal Is Now Over 70 How He Lives Is Sad

We explore the ups and downs of Steven Seagal's life, shedding light on the somber aspects that may have cast a shadow over his's once-iconic career.... Read More

Steven Seagal Responds to $20 Million Fight Offer to Fight Van Damme!

Recently Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Muscles from Brussels talked about his long running feud with Martial Arts Master Steven Seagal.... Read More

Steven Seagal’s Cause of Death Is Now Official, Try Not to Gasp

Steven Seagal's interest in Aikido in particular began to blossom. He was drawn not only to the physical aspects of the art.... Read More

Donnie Yen vs Steven Seagal | Wing Chun vs Aikido

In this face-off between two skilled martial artists, Donnie Yen, a master of Wing Chun, and Steven Seagal, renowned for his expertise in Aikido.... Read More

Steven Seagal vs Bolo Yeung | Aikido vs Chinese Kung Fu

Two legendary figures, Steven Seagal and Bolo Yeung, stand out for their distinctive styles: Aikido and Chinese Kung Fu.... Read More

Steve Seagal vs. Shaolin Monk: Battle Of The Styles

The clash between Steve Seagal, a master of Aikido, and a Shaolin Monk, a practitioner of Kung Fu, is the stuff of martial arts legends. ... Read More

The Rise and Fall of Steve Seagal || What really happened to Steve Seagal?

Let's dive deep into the exciting world of action movies and explore the rollercoaster life of Steve Seagal. ... Read More

Steven Seagal: Fact or Fiction? Investigating His Alleged Connections with Bruce and Brandon Lee

Steven Seagal is a famous actor and martial artist who has faced many controversies and has a reputation for thinking highly of himself. ... Read More