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White Guy Shocks Kung Fu Master with Perfect Chinese

Today I had the opportunity to meet a real life 34th generation Shaolin monk in NYC’s Chinatown to practice kung fu and Chinese with.... Read More

Michael Jai White Breaks Down Why “Shaolin Monks” are Fake

In this clip, Michael Jai White broke down the myth of the Shaolin Monks and provided a brief history of the Kung Fu. ... Read More

No One Can Beat a Shaolin Master and Here Is Why

The life of Shaolin monks is a hard path to spiritual and physical self-improvement. The monks train seven days a week to perfect their skills. ... Read More

This Is Why Shaolin Monks Are So Strong

Do you know why the Shaolin masters are so strong and invincible? Today we will tell you the detailed history of the monastery and secrets of the monks.... Read More

Why I Left The Shaolin Temple

Why did I leave the Shaolin Temple? I get this question asked a lot and I have answered it many times, but never like this. ... Read More

The extraordinary final test to become a Shaolin Master

At the Shaolin Temple in China, a Buddhist warrior monk faces a test that will change the course of his life forever.... Read More

5 Shaolin Monk Trainings That Will Blow Your Mind

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most well known Chinese martial arts practices in the world.But what exactly do they go through? ... Read More

10 Superpowers That Monks Have In Real Life

Many monks claim to have special powers, but are these real super powers? Take a look at 10 Superpowers that monks have in real life.... Read More