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Yasuaki Kurata Recalls & Pays Respect to Bruce Lee

Yasuaki Kurata was close friends with Bruce Lee during his career and is perhaps best known for his extended battle against Jet Li in Fist of Legend. ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs UFC fighters | Wing Chun vs MMA

How would Bruce Lee do in a no-holds barred fight against the best UFC fighters? ... Read More

The Ballad of Bruce Lee (2020) – by Robert Lee (Bruce Lee’s Younger Brother)

Robert Lee is a Hong Kong musician. He is the younger brother of martial artist Bruce Lee.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and the Indian Monk behind it

No one has captured the imagination of the public across the world like Bruce Lee, he was largely influenced by the teaching of an Indian Monk! ... Read More

Shannon Lee Shares an Important Lesson Her Dad Bruce Lee Passed On

Shannon Lee remembers her father's legacy, explains what it was like to grow up alongside an icon and shares life lessons from her new book.... Read More

12 Facts About Bruce Lee You’ve Probably Didn’t Know!

WATTA! In this video I will be giving you guys 12 Facts about Bruce Lee You've Probably didn't Know, as well as a mini summary about the history of Bruce... Read More

從未公開 李小龍與新樂酒店的故事 / The Untold Story of Bruce Lee and Shamrock Hotel 【BLCC Vol.1】

Shamrock Hotel, a historical hotel in Hong Kong is about to close. This show will share with you some untold stories about this hotel was an important part of ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan

For this showdown, we’ll be looking at two of the most legendary Chinese martial artists and action movie superstars.... Read More

Would Bruce Lee Beat Michael Jai White in a Street Fight?

Faizon reiterated that martial arts is more about skill and technique than brute strength, which he thinks would pose an impediment for Michael if he were to fight someone like... Read More

10 Facts About Bruce Lee You May Never Have Heard

Bruce Lee is a martial arts legend. From starring in Batman to his first marriage rejection, we count 10 facts about Bruce Lee you may never have heard. ... Read More