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Тhe Mexican Bruce Lee! Ryan Garcia – The Destructive Speed in Boxing!

Since his first fight in June 2016, American boxer of Mexican origin Ryan Garcia managed to become a real boxing star at the young age of 21.... Read More

How Strong Was Bruce Lee?

Fast, and agile, and the most universally revered martial arts star in history, delivers kicks and blows so impossibly swift, some considered unblockable. ... Read More

Japanese Bruce Lee – Naoya Inoue

Since the first fight in the professional ring in 2012, the Japanese boxer Naoya Inoue managed to become one of the leading knockouts in this sport.... Read More

Bruce Lee Myths You Believe

Bruce Lee was an extraordinary athlete, teacher, actor, and director. Dying far too young, at only 32 years old, only adds to the icon's tragic mystique. ... Read More

Small Tidbits about Bruce Lee | Video Essay

We are going to share a few small tidbits about Bruce Lee, information that I can't quite fit into the two-part retrospective.... Read More

Boxing and Bruce Lee: The Five Ways of Attack

Bruce Lee was one of the first martial artists to offer a cohesive structural approach to individual combat.... Read More

Bruce Lee Was A Lean Mean Martial Arts Machine – But The Army Wouldn’t Let Him Serve In Vietnam

Bruce Lee was a lean mean martial arts machine, but the army wouldn't let him serve in Vietnam. ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs UFC | How Would He Do?

How would Bruce Lee do in UFC" is a question that is always asked when talking about MMA.... Read More

Remembering Bruce Lee – Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and Jacky Cheung

Since his death, Bruce Lee has continued to be a prominent influence in martial arts and was named one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century.... Read More

Powerful Shaolin Monk | Ultimate Proof Traditional Styles Work, Bruce Lee Philosophy

Bruce Lee believed there was something to be learned from every Martial Art, finding what best suits who you are as an individual, and throwing away the rest.... Read More