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Bruce Lee death recreated in GTA 5

Bruce Lee known by his real name Lee Jun-fan was an actor and a martial artist. Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong at 32 years old. ... Read More

Bruce Lee – Greatest Powerful Superhuman

We are going to talk about about Bruce Lee and why people love him so much! The master of kung fu. Also known as Superhuman Lee. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Judo move set

Judo techniques pulled off by legendary martial artist and film maker Bruce Lee and goes into details of the terminology of the techniques.... Read More

Jim Cornette on Hulk Hogan vs. Bruce Lee: Who Would Win?

A debate came up as to how tough Bruce Lee really was. And a question was posed, who would win in a shoot, Bruce Lee or a Hulk Hogan?... Read More

Denver COP Suspended 90 Days For Bruce Lee Instigated Jail Fight

A Denver sheriff's deputy has been suspended for 90 days after provoking a taekwondo style kicks and punches in a fight with an jail inmate. ... Read More

The Truth About Bruce Lee and the TV Show, “Kung Fu”

Here are my memories about the TV show, "Kung Fu" which starred David Carradine and ran on the ABC television network during the early 70s. ... Read More

Bruce Lee – The Most BRUTAL Display Of Speed And Power You Will Ever See!

This video is proof that Bruce Lee might have been a real superhuman with superhuman speed and skills! ... Read More

Bruce Lee The Big Boss Final Fight Scene Filming Locations

Finally we are here at the most iconic filming location seen in Bruce Lee's 1971 The Big Boss, Wat Siri Samphan a.k.a. The Big Boss Mansion. ... Read More

Times Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Movie Lied To You

The 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is the most famous biopic about the life and death of Bruce Lee.... Read More

The King Of Lethwei’s JeetKuneDo KungFu ● BRUCE LEE LIVES

Dave Leduc is the King of Lethwei and knows Sanshou Kung Fu similarily to Cung Le, he also has Bruce Lee's martial art under his belt: JKD. ... Read More