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Shannon Lee on Bruce Lee’s Childhood & Why IP Man kicked him out of his school

Another rare interview testimonial from Shannon Lee talking about her dad's childhood, upbringing, early martial arts practice.... Read More

Shannon Lee’s (Bruce Lee daughter) High School Yearbook

Shannon Lee's yearbook, she also attended Chadwick School, the private school that her brother Brandon attended.... Read More

The One And Only Daughter Of Bruce Lee: What Happened To Her?

Shannon Lee was born on the 19 April, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, USA to the famous martial arts expert and film star, Bruce Lee. ... Read More

Bruce Lee: The Father of MMA?

Shannon Lee answers many questions, and gives her opinion on whether JKD is MMA, if it is fair to call Bruce Lee the Father of MMA and other related topics.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Fast Food Chain for $30 Million

Shannon Lee, daughter of Hollywood and martial arts film star Bruce Lee, has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese restaurant. ... Read More

Linda Lee Cadwell: “Millions of people around the world have been influenced by Bruce Lee.”

Linda Lee Cadwell and Shannon Lee appear on Shaw TV Vancouver's Urban Rush with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Shannon Lee Says Dad Was More Than Just A Fighter

The late superstar Bruce Lee might be most well-known for his Kung Fu skills. But his daughter Shannon Lee, who was only four years old when he passed away, hopes... Read More

Shannon Lee: Ip Man Is Who Instilled A Love For Martial Arts In My Father

Bruce Lee came to Ip Man as a student when he was just 13 years old and trained with him until the age of 18.... Read More