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Shannon Lee discusses her father Bruce Lee and her new book BE WATER, MY FRIEND

Bruce Lee is an icon around the world, his daughter Shannon Lee talks about his philosophies which are illuminated in her new book BE WATER, MY FRIEND... Read More

Coronavirus: Bruce Lee’s daughter calls Donald Trumps ‘kung flu’ comments racist | 7NEWS

Shannon Lee, the daughter of legendary martial arts actor Bruce Lee, has called comments by U.S. President Donald Trump racist. ... Read More

Remembering Bruce Lee with Ted Wong & Shannon Lee presents "Remembering Bruce", a series of interviews in which the people who knew Bruce share their stories with Shannon Lee. ... Read More

Bruce Lee: The Father of MMA?

Shannon Lee answers many questions, and gives her opinion on whether JKD is MMA, if it is fair to call Bruce Lee the Father of MMA and other related topics.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Fast Food Chain for $30 Million

Shannon Lee, daughter of Hollywood and martial arts film star Bruce Lee, has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese restaurant. ... Read More

What Bruce Lee Can Teach Us About Living Fully | Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee takes us inside the mind of her father, exploring how to use his philosophy in your daily life to achieve profound personal growth.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Archived Notes on Lee from Enter The Dragon

Shannon Lee goes into the archives and reads her father's notes about his character, Lee, from Enter The Dragon. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Hits Out at Tarantino’s Portrayal of Him in New Film

Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood has been criticised by Bruce Lee's daughter, Sharon, for the portrayal of her father. ... Read More

Shannon Lee Reveals How She Found Her Father, Bruce Lee’s, Script For “Warrior”

Shannon Lee talks about taking over for her father, Bruce Lee, and how that led to the discovery of his script that she had only ever heard about.... Read More

Linda Lee Cadwell: “Millions of people around the world have been influenced by Bruce Lee.”

Linda Lee Cadwell and Shannon Lee appear on Shaw TV Vancouver's Urban Rush with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.... Read More