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How Good Was Bruce Lee? UFC Champion Potential???

In this video we look at 3 video clips of Bruce Lee in action and I give you my unbiased & honest opinion of what I see. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Traveled To Karate Dojo’s In The US Beating Everyone Up (yes, this actually happened)

Jim Kelly and several other karate icons confirmed that Bruce Lee would travel around to Karate Dojo's in the US beating up karate students and teachers. ... Read More

Bruce Lee VS Donnie Yen – Who Would Win in a Real Fight?

Donnie Yen may very well be today's Bruce Lee. But what would happen if they would get into a fight? Who would win? Find out in this video. ... Read More

5 Reasons Bruce Lee HATES Tai Chi

Bruce Lee wasn't a big fan of Tai Chi, and I'm going to tell you 5 Reasons why Bruce Lee actually hated Tai Chi at one point. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Kicks a 700 Lbs Boxing Bag. And His Student Saw It Slapping Against the Ceiling!

People don't believe Bruce Lee practised with a 700 Lbs boxing bag, and here's a video to prove it! ... Read More

Brave Stuntman Decides To Pick A Fight With Bruce Lee……… BIG MISTAKE

Chiang Wu, a stuntman on Enter The Dragon decides to tempt his fate in a REAL fight against Bruce Lee. ... Read More

Bruce Lee – Unbelievable Superhuman Strength and Speed

The great master showed many times a level that many considered cinematography until they were convinced of it with their own eyes.... Read More

Science Finally Explains The Real Cause Of Bruce Lee’s Death

Bruce Lee death has sparked many conspiracy theories throughout the years. Today we will dissect the truth using science. ... Read More

Bruce Lee And Ip Man Are Not Student-Teacher Relationship As Reported, Something More Is Going On

Bruce Lee and Ip Man are two of the world's most famous figure in martial art. We examine the life and their sad ending. ... Read More

Muay Thai Fighter Challenged Bruce Lee on the SET of The Big Boss. This Is What Happened…

Li Kun travelled to Thailand with Bruce Lee to film The Big Boss and he witnessed a fight between a Muay Thai practitioner and Bruce Lee. ... Read More