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The Secret Lover Of Bruce Lee Is Finally Revealed: Then and Now (1973 vs 2021)

The day that made an entire nation mourn the loss of a legendary icon. That was also the day a relatively unknown actress, Betty Ting Pei rose to stardom.... Read More

What would JKD be like had Bruce Lee lived?

Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee based on his experiences in unarmed fighting and self-defense.... Read More

Danny Inosanto: “Bruce Lee Had a Violent Temper!”

Shot in Diana Inosanto's apartment in Los Angeles in preparation for the Joe Lewis book, "How to Master Bruce Lee's Fighting System".... Read More

A Look Inside Bruce Lee’s House

Kung fu legend Bruce Lee’s former Hong Kong $100 Million Dollars abandoned mansion is now a shadow of what it once was.... Read More

The Mystery Of Bruce Lee’s Death Revealed

In this video, we look at the mystery surrounding the death of the legendary icon and reveal them.... Read More

Shannon Lee: “I’m really f**kin’ tired of white men in Hollywood trying to tell me who Bruce Lee was!”

Shannon Lee does not care if Quentin Tarantino likes Bruce Lee or not, she just thinks it would be best if the director stopped talking about him.... Read More

Joe Lewis vs Bruce Lee | Who’s the Better Teacher? Detailed Version.

The two biggest names in martial arts, Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis in a fascinating "Teach-Off." Each of them will teach and demonstrate a sidekick.... Read More

The Many Secret Lovers Of Bruce Lee Revealed

Today, we unfold the many secret lovers of Bruce Lee and open up every skeletons in his closet. Oh Ohh!... Read More

The Real Bruce Lee Death Story

Bruce Lee was a dedicated, talented kung fu master who brought his skills to a range of successful movies who died unexpectedly on July 20th, 1973.... Read More