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Bruce Lee TRUE POWER Behind The Scene… Bolo Yeung Saw It! (NEW Found Footage)

Bruce Lee TRUE POWER Behind The Scene… Bolo Yeung Saw It! (NEW Found Footage) ... Read More

Bruce Lee REAL FIGHT Moment Ever Caught On Camera

Bruce Lee never been defeated in all his movies including The Big Boss, The Way of The Dragon, Fist of Fury, and Enter The Dragon. ... Read More

Bolo Yeung Was Spotted at Bruce Lee Funeral in 1973

Thousands of fans gathered at Hong Kong funeral parlor just to see their hero for one last time including one Bruce Lee's best friend Bolo Yeung.... Read More

Bruce Lee REAL One Inch Punch Power and Kicking Speed (RAW FOOTAGE)

This is Bruce Lee demonstrating his one inch punch. This footage was taken in June 24, 1972.... Read More

Sammo Hung Revealed The TRUTH of His FIGHT with Bruce Lee (2023 Interview)

Sammo always said in interview that Bruce Lee is one of the most respectful people in his life.... Read More

Bruce Lee VS Sammo Hung REAL FIGHT on the SET

Here's an interview of Sammo Hung. He talked about the real fight he had with Bruce Lee in the early 70s.... Read More

Enter The Dragon Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee Two Finger Push Up 12 Times

A stuntman from the 1973 Enter The Dragon challenged Bruce Lee to do push up.... Read More

Jet Li Said Bruce Lee Was a Real Fighter (Rare Interview)

A rare interview of Jet Li where he talks about Bruce Lee. ... Read More

Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee on the SET of Way of The Dragon… Bob Wall Witnessed!

Today we are going to talk about a fight between a stuntman who challenged Bruce Lee on the set of The Way of The Dragon in 1972!... Read More