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Enter The Dragon Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee Two Finger Push Up 12 Times

A stuntman from the 1973 Enter The Dragon challenged Bruce Lee to do push up.... Read More

Jet Li Said Bruce Lee Was a Real Fighter (Rare Interview)

A rare interview of Jet Li where he talks about Bruce Lee. ... Read More

Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee on the SET of Way of The Dragon… Bob Wall Witnessed!

Today we are going to talk about a fight between a stuntman who challenged Bruce Lee on the set of The Way of The Dragon in 1972!... Read More

Jackie Chan: Bruce Lee Kick was Too Fast, Don’t Shake Your Eyes!

Jackie Chan VS Bruce Lee, who is faster? Let's see what Jackie Chan said about Bruce Lee in interviews. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Most Powerful Workout and Weirdest Training Method

Weighing at about 135 lbs, what makes Bruce Lee so strong? Let's take a look at Bruce Lee most powerful workout and weirdest training method!... Read More

28 Bruce Lee Facts That Shocks The World

Here is a delicious list of 28 facts you may not know about the Kung Fu legend. ... Read More

Betty Ting Pei Finally Tell The Truth About Bruce Lee’s Death After 49 Years!

July 20, 1973 was the last day of Bruce Lee. It’s been 49 years after Bruce Lee’s death, this video has all the interviews of Betty Ting Pei talk about... Read More

Bruce Lee Had Premonitions Of His Death Months Before He Died

Did Bruce Lee had premonition of his death? This is what he told two of the co-star in the 1973 Enter The Dragon months before he died. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Was Too Fast for The Cameras

Bruce Lee is no doubt the fastest martial artist in the world. But, how fast was Bruce Lee? ... Read More

The Way of the Dragon Extra: I Saw Bruce Lee Did A 16-Feet High Flying Kick!

How high can Bruce Lee kicks? Let the extra in 1972 The Way of The Dragon tells you. He said he saw Bruce Lee jump 16 feet and did a... Read More