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Michael Jay White: JCVD would easily defeat Steven Seagal, he has never fought anybody!

Hollywood action star Michael Jai White weighed in on the famous beef between fellow martial artists Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Michael Jay White | Jeet Kune Do vs Kyokushin Karate

Let's delve deep into the comparisons between two renowned martial artists, Bruce Lee and Michael Jai White, along with Jeet Kune Do and Kyokushin Karate.... Read More

Michael Jai White’s Hollywood Breakthrough: From Underground Fighter to Blockbuster Star!

Michael Jai White's journey stands a testament to the power of determination, talent, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. ... Read More

Michael Jai White on Steven Seagal: He’s no tough guy, he said some very anti-semitic things!

Michael indicates that Seagal said some racially charged words concerning the Jewish community during their encounter in Thailand.... Read More

Michael Jai White: “Bruce Lee couldn’t fight Benny Urquidez, that would be terrible. Benny Urquidez is a badass fighter, like a real fighter!”

Vlad revisited the question about Bruce Lee vs. Michael Jai White in a fight, and Michael explained that Bruce Lee was “the greatest martial artist to ever live... Read More

Michael Jai White VS Bruce Lee | Taekwondo vs Jeet Kune Do

Today we will be putting the two legends of their time inside the arena and see who would win.... Read More

Michael Jai White vs Jean Claude Van Damme | Karate vs Kickboxing

In today's video, we'll pin Michael Jai White and Jean Claude Van Damme against each other. ... Read More

Michael Jai White vs Tony Jaa | Taekwondo vs Muay Thai

Today we are going to have a duel between Michael Jai White and Tony Jaa and dig into Taekwondo vs Muay Thai. ... Read More

Michael Jai White’s Lifestyle ★ Secret Things You Don’t Even Know

When it comes to action and martial art movies, not mentioning the name Michael Jai White is such a big mistake.... Read More

Michael Jai White vs Bolo Yeung | Taekwondo vs KungFu

Today, we are going to have a dual between Michael Jai White and Bolo Yeung. I know what you guys are thinking, this video is going to be awesome.... Read More