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Kungfu Master Walks Into MMA Gym To Teach HILARITY ENSUES

Floating around is footage of a self-proclaimed Kungfu master who went into a MMA gym to teach an MMA coach how to properly punch and step etc. ... Read More

Bolo Yeung and his success story!

Bolo Yeung is a chinese actor, who is famous for his roles of bad guys. Enjoy your watching! ... Read More

Ip Man – How Donnie Yen Lives and Does What

Donnie Yen - a multifaceted personality who hails from China and has made a name for himself as an actor, fight and stunt coordinator.... Read More

Michael Jai White on Steven Seagal: He’s no tough guy, he said some very anti-semitic things!

Michael indicates that Seagal said some racially charged words concerning the Jewish community during their encounter in Thailand.... Read More

Here’s WHY Jackie Chan Refused Bruce Lee’s Fighting Style..

Jackie Chan refused to use Bruce Lee’s fighting style while making kung fu movies in the 1970s. ... Read More

Sammo Hung Revealed The TRUTH of His FIGHT with Bruce Lee (2023 Interview)

Sammo always said in interview that Bruce Lee is one of the most respectful people in his life.... Read More

Is The Martial Arts Superstar A Thing Of The Past?

Actors like Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa are mainstays in the industry, but the Martial Arts transition to Hollywood has been in a drastic decline. ... Read More

BATMAN (1966) Cast THEN AND NOW 2023, All cast died tragically!

If you're like me, you know Batman 1966 is one of the best TV series of all time. ... Read More

Michelle Yeoh’s Rich Life ★ 2023

Welcome back to L & S Life channel, where you can learn more interesting information about your favorite actors and athletes, today Michelle Yeoh.... Read More


Hello and today I present to you the movie Rush Hour 1998. ... Read More