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Enter The Dragon Stuntman Rue The Day He Challenged Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Enter The Dragon actor Bolo Yeung talks about the fight between an Extra and Bruce Lee while shooting the film in Hong Kong in 1973. ... Read More

John Saxon, ‘Enter the Dragon’ Star, Dies At 83

John Saxon appeared in nearly 200 roles in the movies and on television in a more-than half-century-long career that has stretched over seven decades.... Read More

Home Video Footage by Ahna Capri | Behind the Scenes of ‘Enter the Dragon’ with Bruce Lee

In this rare amateur video footage, Ahna Capri takes us behind the scenes on the Hong Kong set in the making of Enter the Dragon.... Read More


Bolo Yeung is a 73 year old martial artist and film actor who is best known for his performances as Bolo in Enter the Dragon and Chong Li in Bloodsport.... Read More

Enter The Dragon – You Think You Know Movies?

Think you know the martial-arts classic? Test your knowledge with the latest installment of You Think You Know Movies!... Read More

Stuntman from Enter The Dragon Challenged Bruce Lee… BIG Mistake!

Bee Chan most recognizable in the 1973 martial arts action film “Enter The Dragon” as the dumb thug who hands Nunchucks over to Bruce Lee.... Read More

Enter The Dragon: The Making Of

A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover. ... Read More

Shek Kin on Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon

Shek Kin played Mr Han in Enter the Dragon. He talks about his memories of Bruce Lee and working on Enter the Dragon.... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Archived Notes on Lee from Enter The Dragon

Shannon Lee goes into the archives and reads her father's notes about his character, Lee, from Enter The Dragon. ... Read More

How Strong was Bruce Lee? The Kid in ‘Enter the Dragon’ Tells You! (Rare Interview)

Stephen Tung Wai who played the young student in 'Enter the Dragon' with Bruce Lee, tells the audience how strong he was in real life.... Read More