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Kung Fu vs Other Martial Arts | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Masters

Shaolin Kung Fu is the most popularized and oldest version of kung fu, having existed for thousands of years in China.... Read More

You Can’t Beat Shaolin Monks | Why Monks Are Super Humans?

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No One Can Beat This Shaolin Master…

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The Life of a Shaolin Monk

An insight into the lives of Shaolin Kung Fu Monks in a Chan (Zen) Buddhist Monastery, South China. ... Read More

Kung Fu Monk vs Other Masters | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Masters

This is a motivational video for those who train kung fu. The video contains different fights happened between a shaolin kung fu monk and other martial artists. ... Read More

No One Can Beat These Shaolin Masters And Here Is Why! | Don’t Mess With KungFu Masters

Have you ever wondered what monks are able to do after months of meditating alone up in the mountains? ... Read More

You Don’t Want to Mess With Shaolin Monks

15 things you didn't know about Shaolin monks that will blow your mind. ... Read More

No One Can Beat A Shaolin Monks

Being a Shaolin monk is a dedication to a life of devotion hard work and discipline.... Read More

Amazing Superpowers Of Monks | This Why No One Can Beat Shaolin Monks

The main focus of this video will be on the Shaolin Monks, and what amazing superpower-like abilities they are able to do after months, and even years of brutal training. ... Read More

Am I A Real Shaolin Monk?

I get called a Shaolin Monk all the time, even though it's not entirely accurate. In this video I explain what exactly my "official" title is and how the Shaolin... Read More