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Bruce Lee is Way Too FAST for Karate World Champion!

As a World Karate Champion, Vic Moore didn’t think that Bruce Lee was fast enough, he then go on stage to challenge Bruce Lee.... Read More

Michelle Yeoh’s Lifestyle ★ 2021

In today's video, let's take a look at the career and some interesting facts about the stunning and talented actress Michelle Yeoh. ... Read More

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris | Real Fight

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris engaged in a legendary showdown in Golden Harvest's Way of the Dragon, but wouldn't you like to know what would have happened!... Read More

Steven Seagal vs Sammo Hung | Aikido vs Kung Fu

In this video we are going to take a look at two of those dynamos, Steven Seagal and Sammo Hung, and try to answer the question, who would win in... Read More

Top 13 Fake Masters Getting Destroyed | Fake Masters Getting Destroyed By Real Fighters

Here are the top most commonly seen / heard lies that fake martial artists will peddle in order to protect their fragile egos.... Read More

First Look Inside Bruce Lee’s Former Dojo | Plus his Memorial Statue and a Visit to his Former Home

In this video I finally visit the former dojo of the great Bruce Lee, as well as his statue in Chinatown, and his former home in Culver City. ... Read More

BURT WARD Fought BRUCE LEE in Real Life!

Here are all the details about when Burt Ward from the TV show, "Batman" battled the legendary Bruce Lee not only on set but in real life as well!... Read More

Sammo Hung vs Bolo Yeung | Kung Fu vs Karate

So, in today's video of celebrity fights, we bring you two legends from Honk Kong – Bolo Yeung and Sammo Hung. ... Read More

10 Most Powerful Martial Arts

From the Chinese martial arts to a fighting style designed by the Russian military, these are the 10 most powerful fighting styles in the world. ... Read More

Michael Jai White’s Lifestyle ★ Secret Things You Don’t Even Know

When it comes to action and martial art movies, not mentioning the name Michael Jai White is such a big mistake.... Read More