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Knife Expert Breaks Down The Man From Nowhere Knife Melee Scene | 아저씨 | Scenic Fights

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Instructor Logan Lo breaks down the first part of the popular knife fighting action scene in Jeong-beom Lee, The Man From Nowhere (2010). ... Read More

I Tried Bruce Lee’s DIET & TRAINING For a Day | 4 HOUR WORKOUTS & RAW EGGS

We are living like Bruce Lee for 24 hours. Let's get Bruce Lee's morning started. ... Read More

The REAL Martial Arts Behind COBRA KAI and The KARATE KID Explained

Which style of Karate really teaches how to Wax On, Wax Off, and Sweep the Leg? We examine the martial arts used in Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid franchise.... Read More


Whether you're a hardcore kung fu nut or just a casual viewer, chances are you've heard of the Shaolin Temple.... Read More

Expert Martial Artists RECREATE moves from Mortal Kombat | Experts Try

Noah and Gemma return to recreate the crazy moves from Mortal Kombat! ... Read More

Shannon Lee discusses her father Bruce Lee and her new book BE WATER, MY FRIEND

Bruce Lee is an icon around the world, his daughter Shannon Lee talks about his philosophies which are illuminated in her new book BE WATER, MY FRIEND... Read More

Donnie Yen Was Almost in Aquaman

Donnie Yen reveals that he was almost in Aquaman after Zack Snyder reached out to him, but couldn't make it work due to prior obligations.... Read More

Jackie Chan vs. The Legacy of Bruce Lee

Why was 成龍 Jackie Chan so desperate to fight Bruce Lee? ... Read More

Art of Donnie Yen’s Fight Choreography Part 1 | Video Essay

Donnie Yen is not only a world-famous action star, but also a renowned action director of the industry. Here's the part 1 of a 2-part series analysing Donnie Yen's style... Read More

Nobody Can Beat These Shaolin Masters And Here Is Why !

Jackie Chan could never be as awesome as the Shaolin monks. These guys don’t just fight hard, they possess real superpowers.... Read More