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Did Judo Skills STOP THREAT?.. When is ENOUGH for Self Defence

Did this Judo guy wait to long to defend himself? This week we learn how to read PATTERNS of BEHAVIOUR in Self Defence situations.... Read More


Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson recently posted a video of himself showing off his physique and his speed on the Chinese social media site Weibo.... Read More

The Secret Life from Inside The Shaolin Temple with Warrior MonK Shi Yan Jun

Shaolin Temple & Martial Art at Wushu Martial Art Accademy - Filmed inside the ancient Shaolin Temple in the Henan province of China.... Read More

Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson | Full Fight

In this video we will compare Muhammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson for the second time and see who would win in a boxing match. ... Read More

Bruce Lee Judging Fights at Jhoon Rhee’s National Karate Championships

Bruce Lee was invited to be a judge at the 1970 National Karate Championship were he was awared a plaque by Jhoon Rhee as a guest of honour.... Read More

Unbelievable Taekwondo Knockouts | Professionals vs Beginners

We are going to talk about the history of taekwondo and the beauty of this sports. Knockouts and different styles. ... Read More

Conor McGregor’s New Way To Spar

Conor McGregor started questioning his hard sparring and has now sought softer approaches which actually worked in favor for his bought vs. Donald Cerrone. ... Read More

Mike Tyson Can Still Land The Ko

Mike Tyson is 53 years old yet here he is showing us that he's still got it to a point where even his pad man is shocked by his power.... Read More

‘Be Water’ is a new ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary about the Life of Martial Arts Trailblazer Bruce Lee

Rejected by Hollywood, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to complete four films. BE WATER explores rare archive, intimate interviews, and his writings.... Read More

KungFu Monk vs Taekwondo Master | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Monk

People always ask who would win if a kungfu guy fought a taekwondo master. WE are going to talking about it in this video. ... Read More