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11 Inappropriate Moments in MMA and Boxing

There are some rare moments in the history of MMA and Boxing that if they were never caught on camera, you wouldn’t have believed that they happened.... Read More

Top 10 Strongest Kids Who Took It To Another Level

Take a look at the top 10 strongest kids who took it to another level; bodybuilder kids.... Read More

Jet Li – The Expendables Star Ends His Career Due To Health Problems?

Why did Jet Li cause controversy, and do you realize how he currently looks like? Could it be that the martial arts star is dying?... Read More

TAKY KIMURA Tribute | RARE Footage with BRUCE LEE

Taky Kimura is one of Bruce Lee’s top students and closest friends. He was also a certified instructor of Jun Fan Gung Fu. Sifu Kimura passed away on January 7... Read More

Mike Tyson VS Bruce Lee – Who Would ACTUALLY Win?

In this video, we go over "Iron" Mike Tyson VS Bruce Lee (Lee Jun-fan) and their many stats, and feats, then decide who would more than likely win in a... Read More


Today though, we are going to stick with the basics and see who Bruce Lee was, and most importantly, why his speed is famous all over the world.... Read More

The Top 5 Steroids In MMA And How They Work – My Analysis

Today, we are going to be reacting to the 'Top 5 Steroids in MMA' and how they work.... Read More

Did Steven Seagal REALLY Say HE FOUGHT Bruce Lee?

We're going to be taking a look at this story about Steven Seagal's alleged relationship with Bruce Lee.... Read More

Kung Fu vs Other Martial Arts | Don’t Mess With Kung Fu Masters

Shaolin Kung Fu is the most popularized and oldest version of kung fu, having existed for thousands of years in China.... Read More

Chasing Hands is BAD Wing Chun

If you're chasing hands, you're just kind of playing around, somebody might shoot in on you, the object is to go in for the kill.... Read More