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He taught Bruce Lee how to use a nunchaku in battle (Dan Inosanto)

Dan Inosanto is one of the three people that Bruce Lee allowed to teach other people his martial arts system.... Read More

He was the teacher of Tony Jaa (Panna Rittikrai)

Panna Rittikrai is the man behind Thai action star Tony Jaa, whose work in Ong-Bak, astounded viewers across the globe.... Read More

Jackie Chan Luxury Lifestyle 2021 ★ Net Worth | Income | House | Cars | Wife | Family | Age

Jackie Chan acrobatic stunts and engaging physical humour made him an action-film star in Asia and helped to bring kung fu movies into the mainstream.... Read More

Bolo Yeung’s Lifestyle in 2021 ★

Yang Sze, better known as Bolo Yeung, is a Hong Kong former competitive bodybuilder, martial artist and a martial arts film actor... Read More

The References in Kung Fu Hustle | Video Essay

Let me show you some of the references the film made, and how it ties into the history of the Hong Kong entertainment industry.... Read More


Chuck Norris is a martial artist and actor, who served in the U.S. Air Force, Norris won many martial arts championships and later founded Chun Kuk Do.... Read More

Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen | Who Will Win In A Fight | Wushu vs. Wing Chun

Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen: the most recognizable martial artists in Hollywood are finally put against each other.... Read More

Jason Statham’s Lifestyle ★ 2021

Jason Statham is a British action movie star who often portrays tough macho characters that we just cannot help but love.... Read More

Wing Chun: How to do Chi Sao with Sifu Ben Der

Sifu Ben Der shows how to properly do Chi Sao.... Read More