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KungFu Monk vs Bullies | Which Martial Arts Are Easily Applied to Real Fights

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Top 10 Weirdest Fights of All Time

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Could Dolph Lundgren have been a bodybuilder?

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Jason Statham’s Steroid Cycle – What I Think He Takes

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Bruce Lee’s ‘The Big Boss’ Restaurant Filming Location After 50 Years

Today we visit another memorable filming location of Bruce Lee’s 1971 The Big Boss a.k.a. Fists of Fury in Bangkok, Thailand.... Read More

Kickboxer REACTS to Kung Fu / Wing Chun | Honest Reaction

How realistic, how effective is traditional Chinese martial arts in both street fights MMA and in general as a fighting system?... Read More

Bruce Lee’s technique that BEAT Conor McGregor

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Jackie Chan vs Donnie Yen | Unbelievable Fight | Wu-Shu vs Wing Chun

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You Can’t Beat Shaolin Monks | Why Monks Are Super Humans?

This is why Shaolin monks are so strong and hard to beat. Brutal TV ... Read More