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Manny Pacquiao’s Lifestyle ★ 2021

Nicknamed "PacMan", Manny Pacquiao is regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. ... Read More

The Problem with Aikido

Aikido - The Martial Art of Peace. It is known for its philosophy of redirecting the enemy's energy and neutralizing the opponent without harm. ... Read More

What happened to the main character of “The Monk” and “Lotus Punch”

Jamal Adjigirey is a Russian athlete and actor who was born in 1972 in the city of Makhachkala. ... Read More

Donnie Yen vs Michael Jai White | Wing Chun vs Taekwondo

Who would win in a street fight between actors and martial artists Donnie Yen and Michael Jai White? ... Read More

Shaolin KungFu vs Tai Chi

The masterful and graceful art of Shaolin Kung Fu. Where grace, and peace meets a person’s life, and all becomes one. Then you have Tai Chi. A defensive ... Read More

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Lifestyle ★ 2021

Best known for his acrobatic action movies, Van Damme has showcased his patented splits and acrobatic kicks in such movies as Bloodsport or Double Impact. ... Read More

A Look Inside Donnie Yen’s Workout And Training Routine

We take a look inside Donnie Yen's workout and training routine.... Read More

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley | Unbelievable fight

Counting down to August 28th when the highly anticipated match is about to go down with Tyrone Woodley versus Jake Paul. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Drug Letters | Did Bruce Have a Drug Problem?

Drug letters were discovered at an auction sale where various memorabilia from Bob Baker and Bruce Lee's collection went on sale.... Read More

8 Kung Fu Girls You Don’t Want to Mess With

These woman of kung fu strut their stuff and without a doubt they bring some kick ass performances on the stage, and on the screen!... Read More